Terms and Conditions

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Please read carefully below the terms and conditions:

Attest DNA 

(a division of Attest Solution Experts)

DNA Testing Services

Due to the nature of our business, after payment is received, and testing appointment is scheduled, no refunds will be issued regardless of the circumstances. It is your responsibility to ensure that all needed parties will be available at the selected appointment time. All sales and or services are final.

With regards to processing and results turnaround times, not limited to whether it was advertised or rushed processing, these are only estimates and we do not guarantee this timeframe as many factors play a roll in this process: ex. mail carriers shipping delays, weather conditions, insufficient specimen samples and the accredited laboratories workload and for any other reason.

If in the event the DNA samples collected were insufficient, and or the laboratory requests additional sampling to accurately complete the DNA test. All parties must be available for the additional testing. Should a test party refuses or is unable to submit additional DNA when requested, all testing fees still remain non-refundable and all outstanding amounts are due in full by the original due date.

All parties including 3rd party payors, are jointly and severally liable for payment in full and all accounts, including ones with payment arrangements. 

Accounts must be settled within 30 days of the original appointment, regardless of the status and/or result of the test. Not limited to instances that if for any reason any party or parties involved, has a change of heart, and/or are unavailable to continue with testing. All outstanding balances will be due and must be paid in full by the original due date.

With regards to pregnancy DNA testing, and or pregnant clients as a whole, Attest DNA (a division of Attest Solution Experts), will not be held liable for any complications, not limited to miscarriage. We do not guarantee the health of the fetus. It is the client's responsibility to seek medical attention with a board certified OB/GYN for any medical advice regarding their pregnancy, health of the fetus, as well as DNA and other testing. Should there be an unfortunate event, in such cases, all payment arrangements must still be honored and any payments previously made is also non-refundable.

Attest Notary

 Attest Signing Experts

(a division of Attest Solution Experts)

    Notary Services

Attest Notary / Attest Signing Experts (a division of Attest Solution Experts), are not to be held liable for any legal ramifications that may result from documents presented by the client(s) for notarization.

Our notaries are NOT attorneys and therefore CANNOT give ANY legal advice nor recommendations. It is the client's responsibility to consult with their own legal council should they need it prior to requesting a notary.

All administrative fees including travel fees are due upon scheduling an appointment. Notarial act fees will be due at the time of the appointment and is determined by the number of signatures  to be witnessed,  and notarized ($10/signer/document).  Should a requested notary arrive at the scheduled location, and for any reason not limited to parties not present, invalid or no identification, or client deciding not to proceed with the service, all administrative fees not limited to travel will not be refunded.

Keep in mind that our notaries DO NOT carry cash on hand, therefore if clients would like to pay in cash, smaller, exact change should be brought to the appointment. If not available, a credit/debit card can be used which will include a card proccessing fee of 2.5%.

Attest Medical

(a division of Attest Solution Experts)

    Medical Services

Medical Agreement

Attest Medical of Attest Solution Experts may or may not obtain and collect necessary information including medical history to share with telemedicine (synchronous or asynchronous) providers for the purpose of administering medical services the patient.

Attest Solution Experts is not a medical provider, but simply a consulting, servicing and referring company. Clients take full responsibility for damages or harm that may occur from submitting information, whether or not the information provided is inaccurate, incomplete, or misleading and should understand the risks of misdiagnosis associated with utilizing telemedicine due to the absence of a physical examination or an in-personal evaluation.  All clients must agree to follow up with a doctor for an in-person evaluation or call 911 if symptoms worsen or do not improve in a timely manner.

Financial Disclosure

An Attest Medical consultation/referral service fee may not cover the cost of my telemedicine provider consultation. Understand that if you choose to pick up medication(s) at a pharmacy, that you still have to pay at that pharmacy. You may be able to use insurance at the pharmacy for the prescription. If insurance fails to cover the prescribed medication, or test, or drug cost is unaffordable, you may contact the telemedicine provider via email for an alternative drug or out of pocket (self-pay) options. The telemedicine consultation, and any drug(s) or follow-up procedures, tests, imaging, or laboratory cost or insurance limitations are NOT valid reasons to issue a refund. The patient, is financially responsible for their medical care and treatment including any and all associated laboratories tests, imaging, prescription(s), and follow-up visits and are responsible to familiarize yourself with the pharmacy, and other facility's fees.

The referral service and/or consultation fee paid to Attest Solution Experts is for providing a recommendation to a telemedicine provider and/or service, which may or may not include collecting and sharing any and all of your necessary information needed for the telemedicine provider’s service ONLY. You may still have to pay for the telemedicine provider’s consultation as well as any additional fees and costs associated with your care. The consultation and/or referral service fee paid to Attest Solution Experts is NOT refundable and customers thereby authorize Attest Solution Experts to release their information and/or a copy of this agreement to their financial institution if they later dispute this charge.

Attest Solution Experts/Attest Medical is NOT responsible for any accidents, malpractice or any mishaps that may occur as a result of using telemedicine services.