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The only baby gender reveal test endorsed by the American Pregnancy Association. 

Accredited Labs 

Ready for answers? Attest DNA offers multiple types of DNA testing services. With state-of-the-art testing technology and fast accurate results through our partnership with accredited labs across the country, you will get the reliable accurate answers to your questions, no matter your location.

How exciting is it to find out your baby's gender? Well how about finding that out up to 14 weeks earlier than typical ultrasound scans? With using just a small blood sample, the gender of your baby can be determined with 99.5% accuracy from just 6 weeks gestation!

Affordable, accurate and easy and results emailed to you in just 2 business days from the time the lab receives your sample. It’s the only early gender test endorsed by the American Pregnancy Association.

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**Please note that at this time, this test cannot be performed on a pregnancy of multiples. Please make sure that you have confirmed with your OB/GYN whether or not you are expecting twins. If you are, we recommend ultrasound scans to determine the genders.

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Eligible Totals $50 - $2000

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4 Interest-free payments over 6 weeks

Local travel fee applies (Charlotte, NC and surrounding) *Paid separately upon scheduling.