Non-Invasive Prenatal 

DNA Test

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Ready for answers? Attest DNA offers multiple types of DNA testing services. With state-of-the-art testing technology and fast accurate results through our partnership with accredited labs across the country and Canada, you will get the reliable accurate answers to your questions, no matter your location.

Fetal DNA combines with the mother's by passing into the mother's bloodstream through the placenta. Due to advancements in DNA testing, scientists can isolate, analyze, and compare the fetal DNA to the possible father's, therefore allowing for paternity testing while mom is still pregnant. 

This widely searched after non-invasive test is not only accurate, but can be performed as early as 7 weeks pregnant and is completely safe for mother and baby. 

Prenatal paternity DNA tests are:

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(Both the Mother and alleged Father needed) 

**Please note that the prices shown are for the standard DNA tests. For more complicated situations that may involve more than 1 alleged party and or children, or other extraordinary circumstances, please inquire about pricing by clicking here.

Installment option:

Afterpay (By Now Pay Later)

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Eligible Totals $50 - $2000

No Credit Check

4 Interest-free payments over 6 weeks

Local travel fee applies (Charlotte, NC and surrounding) *Paid separately upon scheduling.

Non-Legal (Informational only) 

Results in 7-14 days

Legal (Expedited Court admissible)

Results in 7-14 days

80/20 Split payment option