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Do you spend your days wondering if your significant other is where they say they would be? Ever have long restless nights thinking about their suspicious behavior? Or maybe you've found unusual items or stains that are troubling you. 

Unfortunately, infidelity has become common in every corner of the world in all populations, and in people of all walks of life. We cannot be with our partner 24/7 however with the advances in forensic science, even infidelity cannot be hidden for very long. So why wait any longer? Get to the bottom of it with definite answers you deserve and can trust. 

What Is An Infidelity DNA Test?

An infidelity test is an analyses of DNA found in semen samples, sperm, other bodily fluids found, or on things such as articles of clothing, seat cushions, sheets, underwear, condoms, nails, hair trimmings, sex aids, cigarette butt, dental floss etc.  This sample along with samples to exclude (typically your own DNA sample or the sample of others who may have produced the original bodily fluid sample), gives genetic results of the person cheating on you or any third person involved. Certified collectors QUICKLY and DISCREETLY analyze the provided DNA samples, and is the most accurate way of finding out about an extramarital affair or cheating.

Reliable, confidential and conclusive results are sent to you as soon as they become available  typically about 1-3 business days AFTER all samples are received at our accredited lab. 

Whats needed for infidelity DNA testing?

There are 3 major components needed to prove infidelity includes:

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