Allergy DNA Test

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Ready for answers? Attest DNA offers multiple types of DNA testing services. With state-of-the-art testing technology and fast accurate results through our partnership with accredited labs across the country and Canada, you will get the reliable accurate answers to your questions.

Are you always sneezing whenever cats or other animals are around? Or how about getting itchy watery eyes, or even feeling sleepy, or having diarrhea, or upset stomach to vomiting when you eat certain foods? 

Well uncover the answer to as to why with a food and pet sensitivity personalized DNA test.

With just the use of a buccal cheek swab, in just 6 weeks from the time our accredited lab partner receives your sample, you will have a detailed report that lets you know if you have a greater, or lesser sensitivity to certain allergens like gluten, histamines, pet dander, certain foods like milk, nuts etc. that may be attributing to your problems from a DNA standpoint. Your results will include a detailed breakdown of  your sensitivities to certain irritants, allergens and foods, as well  as provide you with a comprehensive and detailed report including suggestions and tips based on your individualized results on what exercises, diet, and supplements to use, to get you on the right track quickly.

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*Please note that his product is not intended to prevent, diagnose cure nor treat any disease. Many other factors including the environment, and personal habits, not just DNA plays a roll in your health.

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